Schedule Bills, Generate Automatic Receipts, Society Accounting

Streamlined Paperless Payment Processing, Bill & Society Accounting Is now under your control

Schedule Bill Generation

Create/view routine maintenance bills for utilities such as water and general maintenance for all society members or for a specific society wing.

  • Total unpaid amounts by memberwise
  • UPI Transactions Free
  • Online Payment Facilities
  • Automatic Bill Generation
  • Customize Bill options

Society Accounting Record financial transactions like salaries paid, purchases and document other journal entries by generating transactional vouchers.

  • View all transactions that occurred in a particular time period in a summarized form.
  • Check the financial position of the society by viewing financial reports like balance sheet, income & expenditure account.
  • Record the opening balance of a specific ledger account. Set balances for all accounts and start posting transactions into various accounts.
  • Check out the list of all ledger accounts, their current balances and more details.
  • Draw out a clear income and expenditure account to check the inflow and outflow of society’s funds.
  • All cash receipts and payments including cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • All bank receipts and payments including bank deposits and withdrawals.