Visitor Management For Societies

Impressive Visitor Authentication in Minutes

Visitor Entries

The days of book-entry have passed. Here’s why:

  • Digitized Record of Visitor Flow
  • Cutting Edge Paperless Technology
  • Up-to-date notifications of visitor arrivals
  • Alert Society Members and Tenants of visitor arrivals

Authenticate Visitors

Reduce the risk of doubt with agile technologies

  • Pre-authenticate every visitor
  • Systematic Visitor Screening
  • Online approval or rejection of visitors by society members
  • Immediate notification to security guards about visitors

Gate Pass Management

If you know, the guest are already come to your home, create gate pass for them and share it on whatsapp or different media platform. Guest only need to show gate pass not required authentication from members.

  • Each housing society can monitor and list regular visitors
  • Daily Helpers, delivery staff etc can be given gate-passes
  • Cancels the authentication process
  • Call/SMS alerts are executed

Staff Attendance Management

Keep watch over staff on the go like this:

  • Transparent management of hiring, and dismissal Society Staff
  • Prompt Alerts of entry and exit of staff to all society members
  • Proper record of Leave and Work Days of Staff
  • Quick Check-in, entry and exit time records maintenance
  • Staff can be managed over mobile, SMS, discussion platforms of app